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Now before I go further blowing some of your minds with this, let me be very clear:

Rosenstein wasn’t sent in there to ENTRAP anybody by **leading** them into a crime.

Understand: THIS criminal conspiracy he was sent to participate in started LONG before he got there.

The criminal conspiracy began in 2015, as far as the specific targeting of Trump & his associates goes.

Rosenstein isn’t sent in there to begin spying on these people, guiding & directing and INFORMING on them until late April of 2017.

So he’s NOT entrapping these people.

This massive RICO criminal conspiracy started years before Rosenstein was sent in to gather evidence against the plotters.

Now here comes the hard thing.

“But Mueller went after Flynn. He went after Manafort. He went after Stone, Papadopoulos…RR **allowed that!”

Yes he did.

While he was working as an undercover informant for the government, RR **let** the SpyGate plotters do what they wanted to do.

Because this is the hard part of the job.

RR wasn’t sent in there to STOP these people from doing anything.

That’s not the job.

What was the goal here, anyway?

Arrest a handful of people? Easily replaceable people?

That was NEVER the goal.

The goal is to DESTROY THE SYSTEM.

And to destroy the system, you have to catch them in the act.

This is a WAR.

And in war you are FORCED into awful choices.

You’ve all seen the movies, read the books about the undercover informant facing that age old dilemma, sent in there to help bring down a massive criminal enterprise, but conflicted over the crimes going on all around him; what does he stop, what does he allow? How far to go?

If after being dropped into their midst Rosentein fights hard from the start to stop these people from doing what they want to do, they’d stop talking to him, they’d start going around him.

The best informant is the one nobody suspects. You’re not constantly arguing with him.

So yes.

I won’t sugar-coat it or downplay it.

RR **let** these goons assuage their egos by going after INNOCENT PEOPLE or corrupt people like Manafort/Cohen on bank/tax fraud while keeping the Mueller SC on course to it’s inevitable conclusion.

NO collusion.

There are casualties in war.

Anybody telling you different is being absurd.

And this was a war. A war against a massive RICO criminal cabal deeply entrenched withing the federal gov’t itself.

This is the way.

This was the ONLY way to destroy it, completely. Totally.

Donald Trump and his team have carefully prepared the battlefield total complete and overwhelming victory and you are about to watch it all unfold.

But sacrifices were involved to get here. While these cases were built, while airtight, inescapable evidence was compiled.

That **is** sad.

I wish that hadn’t been the case.

But it was the case. People who think they could have done this better than Trump & Sessions are wrong. It **had** to be done this way to excise the ENTIRE cancer.

This wasn’t about just lopping off a head or two of the Hydra.

This is about slaying the entire monster.

That’s why a prosecutor experienced with taking down RICO mobs is in charge of this.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 1.11.29 PM.png

SpyGate isn’t the only huge massive scandal that dwarfs WaterGate by a factor of 1,000 that Trump & his team are about to drop on the DC political elite & the Democrat party over the summer.

UkraineGate – the REAL ONE – will also drop this summer.

Serious people were in charge of this from the start.

Years of careful planning are about to pay off.

Of course, the people who think this all should have gone down in 2017 or 2018, many of them will never change their minds. They’re invested. Well so am I.

And I can wait.

Just like Devin Nunes, and just like Jeff Sessions.

I can wait to be right.

And I’ll end this thread with your reminder as you listen to pundits talk about what Trump should have done by now:

Pundits who’s commentary boils down:

1) I am smarter than this President
2) I am better informed than this President
3) I’d be doing a better job than this President

might be pursuing a successful business model but they’re often going to end up being wrong.