“Let me tell you why they can’t replace Joe Biden. Why they’re stuck with him.

They must protect this guy at all costs because the Democratic Party leadership discovered back in August of 2019 that Trump and Rudy Giuliani and others were investigating Ukraine corruption. If Biden goes down, they ALL go down with him.

There are billions – that’s billions with a “B” – of US taxpayer dollars that were funneled to the corrupt Ukraine regimes of Viktor Yanukovich and Petro Poroshenko while Barack Obama was President & Joe Biden was the point man that are MISSING.

Got that?

NOBODY knows where the billions of US dollars went. Just under Yanukovich at least $37 billion in foreign loans – much of it US money – vanished. And the absurd Ukrainian impeachment farce the Democratic party leadership forced this entire country to sit through from September of last year all the way through January 2020 was about launching a preemptive strike against ANYBODY ever finding out where all that missing money went.

Read Cates’ entire piece.  It’ll knock your socks off.