They will be hoisted on their own petard.

Martin Geddes (Englishman) tweeted:

“You wouldn’t launch MAGA in 2016 without a plan for 2020 when facing a cornered criminal class making its last stand. Everyone involved in planning this restoration of the republic has their life on the line. Events may be a surprise to you and me—but that doesn’t mean unplanned.”


The MSM has been hemorrhaging credibility & their inverted coverage of this presidential race will be the killing blow for their reputations. Those that don’t recognize them as seditious enemy combatants will soon see them as sensationalizing tabloids or political lobbyists.


They surely must have been expecting in-your-face cheating from the beginning. Hopefully they have planned it all so they can overcome anything and secure their victory. Nothing can stop what’s coming, right? In fact, not having considered the current developments strikes me as naive, which doesn’t make sense at all provided they have among their ranks the best of the best in intelligence, secret services, armed forces, the Q team, etc. Come on guys, we got this!!!!


4D Chess sort of thing…


Patriots in control


By Radiopatriot

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