After the purge yesterday of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., AND the pressure being put on Parler (the alternative to Twitter) to “behave”, and APPLE saying it will no longer support PARLER by removing its app from the APPLE App Store, well, to say folks are pissed off is def an understatement.

Steve Bannon saw this coming waaaay back, and made arrangements to offer his daily thought program War Room directly through Real Voice America’s app. Good thing. War Room was among the sites removed from YT’s platform.

Anti-trust trade expert Peter Navarro (who also works within the Trump Administration) on with Bannon this morning. An expert on oligopolies. Text to 888111 to download the Real America’s Voice app. is carrying it too. Important to listen.

Discussion included:

48% of Americans (Rasumussn) believe Biden’s election was illegal. 51% support Trump.

There will be an investigation about the protest at the Capitol a few days ago.

There’s an impeachment #2 being worked on.

Navarro says this is a collusive oligopoly and is classic antitrust monopoly. But unlike earlier oligarchs (robber barons of the industrial age), this game is much more sophisticated:

It is a Social Oligopoly that violates the Constitution’s 1st Amendment.

Twitter monopolizes short instant message

FaceBook – monopolizes the social network

Google monopolizes the video platforms and search functions

all together forming broader social media oligopoly.

“This is really pernicious – these three oligarchs are attacking the 1st amendment, directly using tacit collusion by “signaling” each other. The worst news was not just this direct assault on everyone being deplatformed, its when Apple and Google gang up on Parler and threaten to take them off their App Store unless they conform to their censorship rules. This is the kind of thing Beijing and Putin do.

“We have to have alternate supply lines. But this is going to take time. This is really dangerous, putting a pressure cooker lid on 75 million Americans who voted for a very popular president from being able to communicate with each other.

“Has this created a firewall on political speech? No question about it. They’ve cut the President from his followers and his followers from him. This is right out of the playbook leading up to the election. Something’s got to give here. The financial consequences? This would not be the time to go long on these companies.

Their logic is this: If we crush Trump and his followers maybe the incoming Biden admin will leave us alone with antitrust.

“These companies should be broken up – in a New York minute. Too much money and power.

“Another discussion would be turning them into public utilities.

Did they create a national security situation by doing this to President? Yes. bigger issue is elimination of 1st amendment by three oligarchs.”