The President has DC surrounded.

“POTUS will be well insulated abroad AF1… We cannot yet telegraph this message through normal methods for reasons I’m sure everyone here can understand. …The primary targets are within DC and remain at the top (on both sides). The spillover in the streets will be quickly shut down. Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray.”

Sent via email from Barb in Texas.

Coded speech last night, Wednesday.

Here is Pres Trump speaking in code to you and me again, during Wednesday night’s speech on Youtube. No media was willing to carry this important message. 

Listen carefully. It is a coded message. He is telling us to denounce any violence and to remember that his movement is one of peace.  He is telling us to not get involved in violence but remain calm, respect the curfew that will be in place when he imposes Martial Law.

He reminds us that no true follower of his is going to use force or violence, he will not tolerate it.  He warns us if we use force or violence we are not for him and we are not for America.  That means when he and the US military declare MARTIAL LAW, he is telling his followers  to stay off the streets, stay home for a few days or a week or so, he wants us safe where we won’t get hurt or killed.  He doesn’t want us making things difficult for him to take the oath of office for 4 more year next week.  

His military are going to be arresting lots of bad people. And when Pres Trump is sworn in as President again next week, the democrats are going to get nasty and want to harm the Trump and his millions of  followers, even kill us. He wants us safe inside our homes with our family. Don’t muddy the waters for his smooth transition to take the oath for another 4 years.  

Here in this speech last night, he tells us if we use vandalism we hurt the movement, the transition must go smoothly.  He needs to have authority again after Jan 20 to lead. He is warning us here that the democrat’s leaders have ordered Antifa and other Communist rebels to go to all capital cities and other large cities to destroy and harm and kill.  He doesn’t want us involved in any violence, to stay safely inside.   

He and his many many military generals have plans in place to stop them.  If we get involved, we may die and we muddy the waters for him. 

Please learn to understand Pres Trump and his Secretary of State Pompeo’s words in code. He cannot reveal fully his special ops military plans to us, we need to just listen to his coded words and phrases and obey.  It will only last a week or so and the terrible time will be over and we will be happy again. He will stop lock down, businesses will reopen again, he will help financially, we will go back to work. 

Here in last night’s coded speech he is asking us to think up new ways to calm people down, to be messengers of hope for the future. So many wonderful times we heard Pres Trump say that his job also  involves keeping Americans informed of the truth and to give them hope.  Remain calm. Trust his plan.  He and his military generals have planned this over a year ago. They knew everything.  

Continuing to listen here to his great coded speech last night( before the Democrats remove it from YouTube), he says don’t worry, his federal military and he have arranged all the ways necessary for THEM to control LAW AND ORDER.  Not for us to get involved in the fighting. He is well aware lots of his followers who are the bikers, who are young American men who are just itching to fight back, but he is saying over and over and over and over NOT TO FIGHT, to stay inside our homes, talk calm to our families, explain that this arresting phase is most necessary to clean up the evil in our country, to stay calm, remain inside or we will be arrested and hurt. 

Do you hear his coded message to us, without giving away the secret mission? Here again now he is telling us the National Guard are in Washington DC but there are also other military men, Marines, Army, Special Forces, to make sure his presidential transition is done peacefully so that he has the IMMEDIATE EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY  to lead our nation correctly with his military generals. President Trump here is telling us we are at war with the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), with Antifa, with the evil democrat party socialists in America who have stolen billions of $$$$ from our American taxpayers.  He has our “six.”  He wants you to be calm.