Years ago when I hosted a daytime radio program, I interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet about his investigative research regarding the causation of autism from infant vaccination of MMR – Measles, Mumps, Rubella shot that completely altered some babies’ mental condition. Dr. Bradstreet was slated to be the guest speaker at a local awards banquet hosted each year by the founder of “Hidden Potentials,” a school begun by the mother of an autistic child. I was also invited to speak at that event and had the opportunity to hear from a hotel ballroom-full of local parents whose children had undergone the same experience — within 24-hours of receiving the MMR vaccine, they became listless, dull, and mentally vacant.

Not long after that, it was reported in The Washington Post that “Authorities say Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, who published research based on the medically disproved claim that vaccines cause autism, has been found dead in an apparent suicide in North Carolina.”

An “apparent suicide.” Right. Along with some 100 other autism-vaccine physician/researchers who also died mysterious deaths…

Even President Trump questioned the protocol. In a 2012 Tweet, he wrote, ““Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism….”

My friend who established “Hidden Potentials” sent me this article by Sharyl Attkisson. Read it and tell me BIG PHARMA isn’t evil.