Igor Kolomoisky, NATO’s Dark Weapons Henchman, Was The Immediate Suspect In The Deployment Of The Wuhan NATO Games BioWeapon.

The Potomac Group research agenda was supposed to focus on Igor Kolomoisky’s use of anthrax and sarin gas with his mercenary armies called the Dnieper and Azov Brigade and his intelligence operation called Pravy Sektor.  Kolomoisky was also suspected of using milder bioweapons on civilian protestors in Ukraine, Hong Kong, and in the Arab Spring campaigns across Northern Africa.

Igor Kolomoisky Has Also Been Implicated In The Ukrainian Biden Burisma Scandal

The White House reporter attending the event mentioned that there might also be a NATO connection to the breakout of CoronaVirus at the Wuhan NATO military games held in October of 2019.  He quoted a Japanese television outlet’s reporting that the Chinese Foreign Ministry had accused the American athletes of bringing the CoronaVirus to the NATO Wuhan Games.

The Potomac Group never intend to study US Athlete connection to the NATO Wuhan Games.  Our focus was solely focused on Kolomoisky and his use of the front company, Burisma, to hide the use of biological weapons in the Arab Spring wars and possibly Afghanistan and Iraq.  The only civilian spraying of bioweapons in the research was for protests in Ukraine in 2014, Yemen in 2015, and various European and Hong Kong protests since 2016. The Wuhan break out of the relatively mild CoronaVirus was never on the agenda.

But the White House reporter’s story about the Chinese Foreign Minister blaming American athletes for the CoronaVirus outbreak in Wuhan was compelling.  Finding the source of the CoronaVirus that was destroying so many lives and crushing the world economy was certainly a valid journalistic endeavor.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry had access to at least six months of epidemiological data from the Wuhan outbreak from information gathered by tens of thousands of health workers.  The Ministry was by far the most authoritative source in the world for rendering a report on the origins of the virus.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Blamed US Athletes For The Outbreak Of CoronaVirus At The NATO Games In Wuhan

In the US press, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s assessment was immediately dismissed as a conspiracy theory, but how would pundits in New York and Washington possibly know more than thousands of medical experts on the ground in China about an outbreak in China?

Based on official sources of a story from a country that was in the best possible position to make the assessment, The Potomac Group decided to shift our focus to the most pressing problem in the world, the source of the CoronaVirus. The original, groundbreaking research that resulted is still the only serious journalist exploration of the subject for a CoronaVirus that still holds the world in its death-grip.

The same venomous reaction by the US press for the China Foreign Ministry’s assessment about the origins of the CoronaVirus was heaped on me when I republished the story a few days into the newsgathering workshop.

The previously planned agenda of researching Joe Biden’s Ukraine connection and his son Hunter’s connections with the Ukrainian warlord Igor Kolomoisky took a backseat to the favored question on the origins of the CoronaVirus. The big question naturally morphed into a debate on whether the virus was zoonotic or man-made. If it was indeed man-made, who made it? Was it released with the intent to destroy the booming Trump economy and remove Trump as a thorn in the side of NATO?

In 2017 and 2018, I have covered reporting by a Bulgarian journalist named Dilyana that talks about bioweapons possibly deployed in Libya and Syria by NATO which close relatives to CoronaVirus.  In these Arab Spring wars, both MERS and SARS bioweapons had been possibly used to “soften up” resistance in young, fighting-age males.  A comparison on the SARS and CoronaVirus SARS-2 genomes yielded a startling similarity with only the addition of four inserts of the HIV virus making up the predominant difference in the two genomes. These HIV virus insertions gave even more indication that CoronaVirus was a bioweapon that had the MERS and SARS similarity.

From “When China Sneezes – From CoronaVirus Lockdown To Economic Collapse”

Dilyana had identified the Pentagon bioweapons project as Project 2101, and this reporting had gone unchallenged over a two year period.  CoronaVirus was looking very much like bioweapons Project 2102, the natural follow-on from Project 2101.  NATO once again appeared to be the proxy for the deployment of this bioweapon, and all roads pointed to Kolomoisky again for the money man behind the project.

Bulgarian Journalist Dilyana Showed How Ukraine And Other Former Soviet Block Countries Were Being Used As a Proxy By NATO For Experimentation For Bioweapons

Again, if the outbreak of SARS and MERS were due to deployment by NATO proxies like Kolomoisky’s Dnieper and Azov Brigades in the Arab Spring, responsible journalists have to look at the possible deployment of CoronaVirus as a bioweapon in China.  The Potomac Group set about looking for the connective tissue between US bioweapons projects and NATO or NATO proxy deployments.

Bulgarian Journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva Outlined How Us Diplomatic Couriers Were Used To Continue U.S. Biological Weapons Programs Through NATO to Places Like Fort Detrick And The Wuhan Virology Lab

Journalist Dilyana had focused on how the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency had used NATO and NATO proxies for the testing and deployment of bioweapons.  Dilyana also produced documents showing US diplomats to NATO had been used as couriers for blood pathogens for the program. Naturally, the Potomac Group began looking to verify Chinese Foreign Ministry CoronaVirus claims by checking whether any armed diplomatic service or unarmed diplomatic service couriers were among the contingent of athletes sent to the Wuhan NATO Games.

Immediately, a Dutch cyclist with the last name Benassi surfaced as a member of the Armed Diplomatic Service.  Her husband also worked as a liaison in the Pentagon to NATO for the DTRA.  The Benassis would later go on CNN and CBS’ 60 Minutes to say the NATO Armed Diplomatic Service position was only as a “driver” to the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, and the Pentagon liaison position to NATO was not important.

But that was just the beginning of the Benassi connections to NATO.  Guiseppe Benassi had run the spy school for NATO in Oberammergau during the NATO deployments of bioweapons in the Arab Spring wars.   And Virginia Benassi was the NATO liaison to the Wellcome Trust and the World Health Organization for the worldwide response to CoronaVirus.  The Wellcome Trust had also participated in the virus response in the Arab Spring bioweapons deployments.

Guiseppe Benassi Ran The NATO Spy School In Oberammergau, Germany

The Wellcome Trust appeared to have foreknowledge of the outbreak of the CoronaVirus in 2018 as the Dutch Defense Minister warned the world of an imminent outbreak due to a bioweapon attack.  The Wellcome Trust also seemed to have foreknowledge of the bioweapon deployment with their November 2019 response document to the CoronaVirus predating the World Health Organization declaration of the pandemic on December 31st, 2019.

In the words of the group leader, George Webb, “There is too much NATO and too much DTRA and too much Benassi not to report this story”.  I, George Webb, decided to run the story in a YouTube video casting the Benassi in Wuhan as a possible victim of the CoronaVirus, giving her the moniker “Patient Zero?”.  I withheld most of the NATO connections, but the video immediately went viral in any case.

The Potomac Group’s Groundbreaking Video On The Origins Of CoronaVirus Was Pulled From Youtube Almost Immediately After Rocketing To 580,000 Views In A Few Hours.

George Webb, the author of this book and Washington D.C.-based investigative reporter, had a whole week of discussions planned on how Ukrainian warlord Igor Kolomoisky had used bioweapons all over the world via his Dnipr and Azov Brigades. The exploding CoronaVirus pandemic turned the Potomac Group’s and the world’s focus farther east, to China.

Chapter 3 – Harvard Study Changes Everything

The Potomac investigative Group went in hammer and tongs on researching all the articles coming out of China, and the group was lucky enough to have a White House news producer from a major foreign news agency at the newsroom charrette. The Far East news producer I will call Ben pointed us to what seemed to be the epicenter news reports from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. A blockbuster report from a Chinese foreign spokesman named Lijian accused the 2019 US Military World Games team of bringing the virus to Wuhan in October of 2019.