George Webb – New Info, Part 4

Forbes Never Mentioned  That The “US Cyclist” Was A Member Of The Armed Diplomatic Service For The NATO Supreme Allied Commander.  60 Minutes and Scott Pelley, in their hit piece on Webb almost six months later, failed to mention this as well.

The story from the Chinese Foreign Minister accusing the US Military World Games team of spreading the virus to China was being suppressed by the Western media completely. The accusation that “the U.S. Military Team brought the virus to Wuhan” was the only specific accusation made by a major country regarding the origins of the virus. Interestingly, a Harvard study would date the original epicenter even earlier, to August of 2019. This Harvard study dating the CoronaVirus outbreak to August of 2019 in Wuhan was not available in March of 2020 when the Potomac Group published its initial findings.

Online searches and people movement patterns indicated CoronaVirus broke out near Wuhan in August 2019, before the NATO Military Games in October of 2019.

The late Summer breakout of CoronaVirus in Wuhan was not known to the Potomac Group in March of 2020.  We officially retract any connection Maatje Benassi had to being “Patient Zero” in our finding.  She may have been American “Patient Zero”, but she was certainly not the first patient in Wuhan or China.  It appears the Chinese government was covering up the early August outbreak of CoronaVirus in Wuhan.  For this inference, I, George Webb, would like to personally apologize.  If the Harvard study had been known at the time, I would not have followed up on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s story.

The Chinese Ministry further complicated matters by seeming to confirm our reporting about the Dutch cyclist on the US team in the Armed Diplomatic Services. Chinese State newspapers also seemed to confirm the initial findings of the Potomac Group.

Chapter 4 – What The Mainstream Critics Didn’t Know

The Potomac Group had no choice but to start with the only specific accusation made by a major government like China that would be in the best position to know what happened in their country.  The Chinese Foriegn Ministry said the American NATO athletes brought the virus to Wuhan.  The rest of the world seemed to be in agreement that the Chinese inland countryside was the place where the outbreak started, even though no other country would be in a place to make that assessment. The only official account by the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated the U.S. Military Team was responsible for the October 2019 outbreak.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian had indeed refined his earlier statements, confirming and amplifying the contention that the US Military Team brought the CoronaVirus to the NATO Wuhan Military Games by agreeing with Journalist George Webb.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that this was a half truth.  The Americans and NATO had quite possibly couriered the virus to Wuhan in 2011 in a joint bioweapons development program.

Although US officials blamed China for the escape of the CoronaVirus, it is much more likely the virus was diverted in transport between the US and Chinain a Joint bioweapon development project.

Unknown to the bevy of mainstream journalists accusing Webb of just “picking out the Dutch NATO girl” out of the American team to amplify the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s claims, two differnet doctors from Army forts in the Washington DC area had approached Webb and informed him that bioweapon testing was indeed occurring at Army forts in the DC area.  The doctors reported bioagent testing with various viruses and vaccines occurring at Ft Belvoir Community Hospital in Virginia and a nearby Army Hospital to Ft. Detrick in Maryland where the bioweapons were developed.  The “Dutch NATO Girl” just happened to be a security guard at the Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, a military hospital.

Also, IP address and traffic information for the “Dutch NATO Girl” was presented to a bioagent tracking program in Nanjing, China with Johns Hopkins University, going back to 2011.  Remember too that the husband of the “Dutch NATO Girl” also was at Ft. Scott in CBRN tracing and tracking (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) at Ft. Scott in Illinois.  If the Chinese did have a joint bioweapons development program using NATO couriers, then a lot of the “Dutch NATO Girl” metadata fit that mosaic.

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