The John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Nanjing, China was supposedly where the tracing and tracking information of CoronaVirus bioagent testing was collated.

Chapter 5 – China Accusations Of American Athletes Coincides With US Outbreak At Ft. Detrick

The Foreign Ministry of China did not just say the US Military athletes brought the CoronaVirus to the NATO Wuhan Games in China.  He made sure to tweet out the fact that the US CDC had recorded many deaths in 2019 that were not flu from an unexplained pneumonia.  Many of these occurred in the Ft. Detrick and Ft. Belvoir area.

The Foreign Ministry of China tweeted out testimony of Dr. Robert Redfield of the CDC where Redfield stated that people dying in 2019 that did not test for the flu could have died from CoronaVirus in 2019.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman immediately honed in on the number of flu deaths that were misdiagnosed.  Redfield stated many of the deaths were actually COVOID-19, but he has never publicly reported how many were COVID-19.

Two DC Area Army Forts Have Military Hospitals That Trial Experimental Viruses And Vaccines

Indeed, there had been a biosafety event that shut down the Ft. Detrick Lab in July of 2019 with many people reporting CoronaVirus like symptoms

The Potomac Group was acting as a sort of jury reviewing evidence from fast-breaking world news, however, they did not have the luxury of speculation. The Chinese Foreign Minister was accusing the United States of bringing a virus to Wuhan, which is an Act of War.  And the Chinese Foreign Minister was now tweeting out how the CDC admitted they could be right.

If a prosecutor accuses a murder suspect of murder, the jury looks for evidence of the murder. The jury looks for evidence related to the prosecution’s indictment, not unrelated items. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said “The Americans Did It”. We could only consider evidence of whether the Americans “did it” or not.

The first piece of evidence to consider was where and when were outbreaks in the United States of CoronaVirus in 2019.

Indeed, there was an unprecedented bioevent in July of 2019 at Ft. Detrick in Frederick, Maryland where bioweapons are manufactured.

The United States Military still has not explained this unprecedented shutdown of this bioweapons lab in July of 2019 or the outbreak of CoronaVirus-like flu near the Lab at that time.

US Senators and Congressman have accused the Wuhan Virology Lab of releasing the CoronaVirus with no basis for the claim while at the same time offering no explanation of the closure of Ft. Detrick in August of 2019.

Next, we will explore the CIA’s long history of illegal, covert drug testing at Ft. Detrick in the next chapter, using NATO as a proxy.

Chapter Six – Looking At US DoD And NATO’s Role As DoD’s Bioweapons Proxy

The Potomac Group’s verification process entailed looking at the modus operandi of the parties involved in the NATO affiliated Military World Games in Wuhan, China. Had NATO or the United States ever deployed bioweapons before? Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Congo, Zambia, Rwanda and Ethiopia immediately come to mind. Bioweapons manifest themselves as disease outbreaks, so it is extremely difficult to say which particular outbreaks are zoonotic and which are caused by the hand of man.

The US has been accused using Ukraine and Kolomoisky in particular as a proxy to continue its biological weapons program.

NATO’s Use Of Igor Kolomoisk’s Bioweapons Stores Has Never Been Fully Investigated in Libya and Syria

Kolomoisky Also Supplies The Wagner Group With Chemical And Biological Weapons With Go-Betweens In Kiev, Ukraine To A Non-State Actor In Russia

National Review Presented Benassi As “American” And Suppressed Dutch NATO Courier Background.

Suspicions immediately fell on the foreign athletes on the team from the United States after the bioweapon accusation by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Why would Trump destroy his own booming economy in an election year? Why would the Chinese destroy their own economy by releasing a virus? The only party that could benefit was Trump’s antagonistic military sparring partner throughout his entire Presidency to date, NATO. If the Chinese Foreign Ministry was correct when they stated “the US Military athletes brought it here”, might there be a NATO infiltrate on the United States Military Games Team with connections to the NATO high command?

There in fact was an immediate connection to the NATO Supreme Allied Commander. A 52 year old Dutch cyclist, Maatje Benassi, worked directly for several NATO Supreme Allied Commanders. Among them was Admiral James Stavridis, who had deployed biological and chemical weapons in Libya and Syria by supplying ISIS indirectly through Kolomoisky. Benassi’s and her team may have been victimized by Stavridis, knowing the US Military athletes would vector the CoronaVirus to Wuhan.

Admiral James Stavridis Has Been Accused Of Moving Chemical And Biological Weapons From Gaddafi’s Stores For Use In Syria In Operations Zero Footprint and Timber Sycamore.

Diplomatic couriers are used to transport bioweapons, and Maatje Benassi was married to a man who had diplomatic credentials at the United Nations in Brussels, Belgium.  Again, NATO Supreme Allied Command would have knowledge of these travels and could use couriers as unknowing vectors for the virus.

Diplomatic couriers are used to transport bioweapons, and Maatje Benassi was married to a man who had diplomatic credentials and both the United Nations in Brussels and the EUCOM Headquarters in Germany.