CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan and Brian Selzer See A Putin Spy Behind Every Facebook Video

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Has Been A Persistent Accuser of President Trump As An Agent of Russia

Chapter Seven – NATO’s Dirty Secret In Virginia

What the author couldn’t tell the Potomac Group researchers was that the two doctors at a Virginia Army base had informed him that NATO had outsourced biological weapons through a weapons development commander center in Norfolk, called NATO ACT.

Promising bioweapons were released from the lab where they were developed at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. They were then tested on terminal patients at Bethesda Naval Hospital first for efficacy, followed by attenuated versions of the vaccine being tested at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. You guessed it – 52 year old Dutch NATO courier Maatje Benassi worked at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. Yet another detail that our intrepid Russian troll fighter at CNN, Donie O’Sullivan, never bothered to ask Maatje or Matthew Benassi.

Fort Belvoir Is Home To INSCOM, Which Houses the Army Intelligence Command. The Group Responsible for the Decision to Use Chemical and Biological Weapons in Libya and Syria in Operation Zero Footprint and Operation Timber Sycamore.

Fort Belvoir apparently collected statistics on attenuated viruses, which included some fatalities that were chalked up as inevitable. The more promising bioweapons were then moved through the NATO ACT Norfolk command structure to Brussels, Belgium. A decade earlier I had gone to Mons, Belgium, the home of NATO SHAPE Supreme Allied Command in 2019, during a time period when rumors were abound of monasteries in Belgium being used to amplify biological and chemical weapons for Libya and Syria.

Journalist George Webb Visited NATO Headquarters in Mons, France in 2009 Before the Launch of the Libya Invasion

President Obama had flown on a newly purchased jet helicopter from the Belgian coast to a monastery on the “Dutch” speaking side of Belgium. I was in contact with the heads of Interpol who suspected there was a large diversion of police to the north part of Belgium to cover the movement of biological and chemical weapons for some large offensive.

Westverlen Trappist Monk brewery Was Visited By Obama In 2009, Delivered By New High Speed Helicopter And Boat Purchased by NATO Terrorism Budget.

I would later find out that “offensive” turned out to be the military operations in Libya and Syria. It was during these critical years that Maatje Benassi and her husband were stationed in Brussels and at EUCOM in Germany where the airlifts all took place. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the service records to nail the connection.

Both Benassi’s were involved in a company called Singapore Statistics through which they did viral tag-and-trace work with software developed by Johns Hopkins – University of Maryland called ImmuNet.

The National University of Singapore was where the Wuhan Bat Virus was actually moved to humans by a Dr. Zhou. Singapore Statistics did the tag-and-trace work for the National University of Singapore. There were a lot of “hits”, as we say in the news business, on Day two of the Potomac Group’s work. 

Peng Zhou “Ported” The SARS-COV2 CoronaVirus From Bats to Humans At The National University of Singapore And Wrote About it in August of 2019.

Journalist George Webb had an obligation to keep the identities of the two Fort Belvoir doctors anonymous, which of course, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan conveniently dismissed without afterthought. This despite the fact that CNN doles out unnamed sources in its reports like candy at a parade.

A Belgian woman who worked at an “agribusiness” which amplified bioweapons at the facility Obama visited, was conveniently run down near Chelsea Piers in New York by a decade-long FBI informant named Sayfullo Saipov. Apparently, the witnesses of the Belgian Bioweapon fermentation program seemed to be in shorter and shorter supply.