Bobby Piton at TELEGRAM:

“The GOP has been overrun by #TrojanDonkeys.  They repeatedly change the rules to hang on to power.  Don’t believe me?  Sign up to be a Precinct Committee person and see for yourself.  The GOP has been become so bloated with so many rules and regulations used against True Republicans that building anew is the only true solution.  Far too much energy and money will be wasted, not to mention compromising the most cherished Republican principles, to reform a crumbling infrastructure that kept building on sand the past 2 decades.  

I have been thinking about possible solutions to truly built out a new political party for years. I agree that attempting a take over of an existing infrastructure looks appealing, but when that organization is bloated with rot and as sickly as a morbidly obese cancer stricken amoral character with a slew of other unsavory characters defending them… It really isn’t worth saving or fighting for… Is it?  

Not for me…I’ll take my chances and Build an entirely new approach and see where it goes.  I have no expectation other than designing it to seek and reward Truth (virtue) and penalize Vice (Corruptness). 

Perhaps it will attract some of the 30-40 percent of Americans that don’t view themselves as either Republicans or Democrats?”