Dr. Simone Gold – An in-depth look at the truth about the COVID-19 Vaccine

If you haven’t watched Dr. Simone Gold’s January 14th speech to her Front Line Doctors colleagues about the dangers of the CoVid vaccine, STOP now and please watch it. Dr. Gold is an MD with a JD Law degree as well.
If you don’t make the time to watch this, you will be doing yourself and your loved ones a terrible disservice and possibly condemning them to an early death.  This vaccine is SO dangerous. I am not being hyperbolic about this, trust me.

Please,  Please.  Please.  This is a human rights issue.  It’s not a vaccination issue — it is about human rights — human beings taking experimental vaccines containing agents that haven’t even been tested yet on animals. Many people have died from being injected with this vaccine, manufactured by pharmaceutical companies who are protected from any and all risks and liability.

THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE with unknown and untested short and long term effects on your body.  Especially women of child-bearing age. 

It is also a national security issue — if our military, our law enforcement, and our medical first responders are required/mandated to take this vaccine, it could result in possibly 30% of them dropping.  And that’s a quote from this physician.  Do you think the Chinese who developed this virus don’t know that?  Think.
I can’t emphasize this enough — PLEASE watch this physician’s talk.  Become informed. And then pass it on to others as I have to you.



Your ability to stay informed and know the TRUTH about what’s going on in America and the rest of the World is dependent upon your own skills to research and hunt the facts. 

Main Stream Media and “Official” sources are going to spoon feed you bias and false assertions to mentally condition you to a certain narrative. 

It’s disturbing that I even have to type that, but it’s the reality of the situation now. 

I don’t think I could lay it out more clearly that the Press, Online Media Platforms, and Government Media Outlets are publishing from an Influence/Narrative strategy standpoint – and that they are well funded and legislatively authorized to do so. 

You don’t need them to psychologically influence you, or make up your mind for you.

Meanwhile. the usurper masked bandit “president” wants to shove that jab in you as fast as he and his handlers can.

The Biden administration says it will begin providing COVID-19 vaccines to some 6,500 pharmacies around the country next week in an effort to speed vaccinations.


By Radiopatriot

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