Before I retire for the evening, I’ll leave you with the words that Lin Wood wrote tonight on his TELEGRAM page. I hope they cheer and comfort you! Tomorrow is a brand new day. Don’t forget to say your prayers!

How many of you feel like you are living in a movie these days? Hard to believe that what is happening to our country is real. Hint: some of it is, much of it is not.

Remember that you have the power to decide the type of the movie in which you find yourself. A drama. A spy movie. A war movie. An action packed thriller. A movie about faith. 

Probably best described as being in a documentary. 

In the documentary, you still get to choose the nature of and scenes in the movie. And you are not stuck with one script gist. Life is what you choose it to be. So can be your documentary.

Remember to include some comedy scenes in it.

Like Ted Cruz going to Cancun while Texas is frozen and covered in snow. Ted can guarantee his re-election by adopting every voter. Next snow disaster, Ted will take all of his children to Cancun! Great father. So-so Senator. 

Include some scenes like Saturday Night Live. Include Joey “Bribes” Biden playing President from a Castle Rock movie set. Several actors can play his role. The makeup is fabulous and relatively cheap. And they make such life-like masks in Hollywood these days!

Consider producing some scenes from a present day version of the Untouchables – Eliot Ness pursuing and arresting members of the FBI and the CIA. Ness knew how to catch the criminals! Where is Ol’ Eliot when you need him? Bring him to life on the big screen of your documentary!

Seriously, remember to laugh. Despite the anxiety and concerns over the country, life is still good. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy your puppies (or the pets of your choice) and the beautiful world around you. Help a friend. It will make you feel better and make your burdens a little lighter.

Always remember to laugh because laughter is so often the best medicine. 

I laugh often these days. The State Bar of Georgia, Dominion, the comic books printed by the propaganda media, etc. provide an almost unlimited supply of jokes and jokers. Some of their comedy skits are hilarious!

In time, I will return to the Perry Mason scenes in my documentary. Maybe throw in some more Atticus Finch moments too.

I love My Followers. Don’t forget to smile even if you feel like your heart is breaking. It is not. Neither is your country. All will be well. Wait on the Lord. 

Talk again soon. – Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸