Lin Wood would be it. He is smart, smart, smart.

You have GOT to read this letter he has sent to the Georgia Bar. I’m telling you, this is the best thing I’ve read today. Too-day.

As one reader observed, “Well done, Mr. Wood. Proper paragraphs, the right punctuation and a shit load of good stuff in between.”

Lin shared this with us on his TELEGRAM page (I’m still chuckling…) I would NOT want to be Paula J. Fredrick.


“Some of you may remember my March 2 letter to my professional colleague, Paula J. Fredrick of the State Bar of Georgia.

Paula never responded to my reasonable requests for information to help me and my potential counsel understand the grievance claims the Bar has brought against me.

An essential element of due process is to have reasonable notice of the claims asserted against you in order to have a reasonable opportunity to meaningfully respond.

So I had no choice but to write Paula again. The letter is below.
Is my message clear enough for Paula to understand? Do you understand what I was requesting and why? Do my requests seem fair to you?

I LOVE this man!