Today I got a questionnaire in the mail from the RNC — with a very nice letter from Ronna telling me I am special and that I was one of a few from my Congressional District chosen to respond due to my political activity (translation: prior $$ contributions), and oh by the way, would I please contribute to the Republic National Committee. (Pure BS)

So… I took the opportunity and with my favorite black Sharpie pen, told her (or the staffer who’ll open the envelope) just exactly what I think of the GOP and that from here out, I will NOT be donating to the RNC, but instead WILL BE donating to PRESIDENT Trump’s SAVE America PAC.

I relished the opportunity to give the RNC a piece of my mind in direct language that they have failed us and won’t be getting a dime.

Just now, I came across this Tik Tok that said almost exactly what I wrote on the questionnaire. Listen to this guy preach! I bet Ronna is going to get a crapload of sentiments like mine and this young man’s. I wouldn’t want Ronna’s job for the world…