I had an appointment today to visit an optometrist for an annual eye exam. A sign on the door cautioned that anyone entering the office “must be masked.”

I ignored it and walked in wearing only a smile and bright coral pink lipstick. I noticed everyone in the waiting area was masked, including the employees, one of whom was pointing a thermometer gun at an incoming patient’s forehead. I was asked to sign in, and when I approached the counter, the masked attendant asked if I had a mask. This is how it went:

Her: “Do you have a mask?”

Me: “No, I don’t.”

Her: “I can provide you with one.”

Me: “No thank you.”

Her: “Oh. Well, you’ll have to wear one while you’re here.”

Me: “I’m sorry but I don’t wear masks.”

Her: “I’ll get the manager and you can tell him.”

Me: “That will be fine. I’ll wait.”

She hurries into an adjacent office and returns immediately with a masked man, obviously “the manager.”

He: “I’m sorry, but you have to wear a mask.”

Me: “I don’t have to wear a mask. This is an open state as ordered by our governor. Further, a mask isn’t healthy. And you don’t know if I’ve already had the vaccine, do you?”

Him: “I’m not going to debate you. If you want to keep your appointment, you must be masked.”

Me: “Thank you, no, I don’t think I will. I’ll leave and find another eye doctor.”

And with that I walked out.

I was trembling with fury, adrenaline rising, muttering unladylike f-bomb expletives under my breath at the absolute idiocy of these people who one would think with their medical training should know better.

I then drove to a shopping mall where I entered two stores, again unmasked. Most of the customers in both stores were masked up. I breezed past them, and no one challenged me.

That’s how it goes where I live. The retail and grocery store employees are weary of the face diaper themselves, and after a year of antiseptic wipe-downs, plexiglass separators and six-feet separation marks on the floor, they are worn down and “over it,” and don’t want the hassle of challenging me or anyone else spending money in their establishment sans mask. Yet the medical professionals who should know better DON’T, either because they are “afraid” of being sued should someone –god forbid — “catch covid” in their medical office OR they are abysmally ignorant of the facts.

I have a solution for those who persist on insisting on a mask policy despite Florida being an Open State. Simply have the patients sign a form releasing the medical practice from liability should they “catch the bug.” There. Problem solved.

Honestly, I just shake my ahead at the stupidity and alarming bovine obedience of so many who are still bending to the control or authority of Fauci, the media, and a half-wit demented “president,” breathing in their expelled bacteria and carbon dioxide for hours on end. Their kowtowing to the CCP – whether they realize it or not, is what scares me more than a flu virus. I’m making my stand. No. Correction: I’ve made my stand. No more. Nope.