From JFK Assassination expert and historian Robert Morrow…

Folks, I have a treat for you today! Here is a collection of the top Lone Nutter essays and interviews on the JFK Assassination.

What trips up the lone nutters the most are the pre-assassination LIES of Lee Harvey Oswald when he was pretending to be a pro-Castro Marxist when in reality he was working for ONI, CIA and FBI in counterintelligence and spying on the Left and also the coerced LIES of Marina Oswald after the JFK assassination in which Marina was forced to tell lies about Oswald to satisfy her malevolent controllers in the LBJ-controlled federal government: lies such as Oswald shot at Gen. Edwin Walker, that Oswald wanted to assassinate Richard Nixon and she had to lock him in the bathroom, and that Oswald wanted to hijack a plane to Cuba.

           The other thing that the Lone Nutters under-estimate and do not appreciate is the degree of control that Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, FBI in general and CIA in general had over the three major TV networks and all the major print media, including magazines, at the time of the JFK assassination. The media were like ducks eating bread crumbs out of the hands of the the JFK murderers in Government.

Find A Collection of Lone Nutter Essays and Interviews on the JFK Assassination at this link:

Robert Morrow,

Presidential Historian at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Institute for the Study of Presidential Crime and the World’s Foremost Authority on the JFK Assassination.