Donald Trump moving from Mar-a-Lago to his New Jersey golf club for the summer

Donald Trump is to relocate from Florida to New Jersey this summer, according to a report – escaping the stifling heat, and putting him closer to his New York business empire and political network.

The former president, 74, officially moved his residency for tax purposes from New York to Florida in late 2019.

As president, he spent a significant amount of time during the winter in Florida, and during the summer he would escape Washington for New Jersey, staying at his Bedminster golf club.

He now looks to continue that pattern. 

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida closes after Memorial Day, at the end of May
Donald and Melania Trump are pictured on April 4 at a Mar-a-Lago Easter event
The main clubhouse in Bedminster, New Jersey, where Trump will spend the summer
Trump is believed to be swapping Florida for his New Jersey golf club, in Bedminster

Mar-a-Lago, a private club that also serves as Trump’s residence and post-presidential office, closes just after Memorial Day, when many of the residents head north to flee the muggy, swampy summer weather.

It reopens in time for Thanksgiving.  

Sources told Insider that for Trump, the weather was not the only issue.

‘They’re moving the whole operation to New Jersey because they’re going to start doing more fundraising,’ said one Trump advisor.

Trump said this week he is ‘beyond seriously’ considering a 2024 presidential run, and being close to Manhattan will allow him to network with the donors, strategists and political heavyweights he will need to retake the White House.

Trump and his wife Melania are seen having dinner at Mar-a-Lago in a recent picture
People are seen outside the club house at the Bedminster golf course in New Jersey

The move does put him tantalizingly close to New York prosecutors who are investigating his tax affairs.

Cy Vance, the Manhattan district attorney, is looking into possible charges of criminal tax fraud. 

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, is also looking into his affairs, for a civil case involving the Trump Organization and whether it falsely reported property values to get loans or tax benefits.

Neither Vance nor James has announced any charges. They are, however, speaking to many within Trump’s circle. 

Three of Trump’s adult children – Don Jr, Ivanka and Tiffany – have relocated to Florida.

Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner is from New Jersey, however, and his parents still live in the state. The couple were reportedly renovating a property on the Bedminster course for themselves, so may follow the former president north. 

Only Eric Trump has remained permanently in the New York area.

It is unclear if his wife Melania and son Barron, 15, will accompany him – a decision which will likely depend on the teenager’s school schedule.