Many of you that are awake want this period to be done right NOW.

You have to understand.
This period is not for those who are awake.

It’s for those sheep in their masks in their car by themselves

Is a slow and gradual awakening.

I see the process everyday.

More and more people each day are going out without masks

More and more people are questioning what is going on at the border

More and more people are asking why are we shipping out tax dollars to foreign nations

It had to be this way
Sometimes you have to walk through the darkness before you see the light

The reopening of many states will speed up the process

There will also be indictments and other things coming so you’ll see the track.

Just know this period is for those in the Darkness.



What if the goal of the AZ Audit wasn’t to provide a resolution

But was to give a door to do audits across the US

You have to remember

This period is for the sleeping

The end result is already predetermined

God Wins
We Win


If Kamala Harris was a chair