DON FEDER notes:

Disneyland is reopening its Snow White ride to howls of protest from the Woke mob. How can she consent to Prince Charming’s kiss when she isn’t awake? #MeToo. Presumably, she’d prefer to be asleep forever than to be kissed without prior written authorization.

Frankly, I find the whole story problematic:

  • The very name – Snow White – suggests a connection between whiteness and purity. What about calling her Diversity Rainbow?
  • All of the characters are Caucasians – no dwarfs of color. It makes non-whites invisible.
  • Why does a man have to kiss Snow White? Why not another princess?
  • What’s the backstory on the Wicked Queen? Perhaps her issues arose from being dominated by a white patriarchal culture.
  • None of the characters are trans. Maybe Dopey and Sneezy transitioned from giants.
  • The dwarfs were miners. What about their carbon footprint? Noise pollution? Unsafe working conditions? Were they even unionized?
  • Everything doesn’t have to go. When Diversity Rainbow entered the Dwarfs’ cottage, she was homeless – and it’s good to raise awareness of their plight.