‘News agencies published several photographs of the Carters greeting the Bidens as they arrived at their home. But on Monday night, the Carter Center released a more intimate – and strange – photo marking their meeting. 

The photo shows Carter and his wife sitting on armchairs, as Jill and her husband kneel, towering over their hosts. In the image, Jill appears to be significantly larger than Carter, while Joe looks like he’s twice the size of Rosalynn. Together with the old furniture and cramped feeling of the room, it almost seems as if the Bidens were posing inside of a doll house. ‘ 

No question in my mind that this photo was photoshopped……….and very awkwardly, too! The Bidens are 50% larger than the Carters. It’s absolutely impossible that this ‘viral’ photo is a genuine representation of the ‘meeting.’

Look at the heads! – Both Bidens’ heads are twice the size of the Carters’ heads and utterly out of proportion from every angle!  Obviously the Bidens were super-imposed over a still shot of the seated Carters. 

The Bidens are giants paying a house call to the Lilliputian Carters.