Lin Wood writes:

“The U.S. Department of Justice reaffirmed last year that firing squads are still utilized by the federal government. 

In my opinion, the penalty of death by firing squad is a viable legal execution method for individuals who are guilty of treason or crimes against humanity. 

Anyone who conspires with a foreign entity to interfere in a United States election (such as the election of our President) is guilty of the crime of treason. Anyone means anyone. 

Anyone who participates in trafficking of children, especially minor children, in order to torture, sexually assault, or kill them is guilty of a crime against humanity. Anyone means anyone. 

No person is above the law. No person includes elected officials such as governors and state and federal legislators and officials, members of the propaganda media, businessmen and women, judges, lawyers, Hollywood celebrities, and even neighbors down the street. 

America does not tolerate acts of treason or crimes against humanity. 

I believe justice is inevitable in America. 

Many people are not sleeping well at night these days.”