Dr. Tadataka goes from the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to announcing the sequence of the CoronaVirus and developing the first test – $9 Billion later – the Bill Gates roots of the narrative are coming undone.

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, May 7th, 2021]

Tadataka, T-a-d-a Tada, t-a-k-a, taka, Tadataka, Tadataka, something like that. Anyway, Tadataka is the name of the doctor who is the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That’s the head of this company called BGI in China that’s doing all this CoronaVirus testing. It’s a 9 Billion dollar company now. 9 Billion.

And, of course, they take all the swabs, and, of course, they take in your information and they give it to Bill Gates, because Bill Gates funded this. Okay? And it looks like this same Doctor Tadakata was the first person to release the sequence.

Remember we can’t seem to isolate the virus anywhere, but release the sequence, and now he’s the one who is using the PCR to do the testing.

Well, I looked at BGI’s site and in actual fact they do have a test and it’s actually a 3 in 1 test. It tests both for influenza A, B, and Covid, which is very interesting because it’s almost saying they can’t tell the difference. 

So there’s all sort of intermediaries here but the intermediary of Jeff Epstein is the one everyone’s talking about now.

And I really believe the reason why the Bill and Melinda Gates marriage is falling apart is because the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation story is falling apart. 

Remember these are the same people who push out on Event 201 the whole CoronaVirus Pandemic narrative as well. 

Remember they’re the ones that are working with a military hospital in Wuhan, right? The same guy who announces the virus and he’s the same guy profiting from taking the samples at BGI.

I think we were right when we wrote the book, Coronaman Cometh, The Coronaman Cometh, with Bill Gates, Jeff Epstein on the cover. Bill Gates and Jeff Epstein on the cover.

Bill Gates is using Jeff Epstein to launder his donations to MIT. Why do that if you are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? 

It’s coming apart. Not just the marriage, this Foundation and this whole narrative around the world.