Like I wrote a few posts ago… the numbskulls among us are the low hanging fruit that could tip the balance and lead us right over the cliff…

Make no mistake, the elites are shouting the command “submit” and preparing to force us into acquiescing to our own destruction. The elites do not possess sufficient forces to make 80 million Americans submit to their will. Instead, they are betting on their ability to scare the majority of traditional Americans into giving up without a fight. 

Their plan is to select the low-hanging fruit, the isolated and vulnerable elements of traditional America and publicly eviscerate them using the tools of tyranny that exist within the framework of American counterterrorism authorities. They will painstakingly attempt to avoid allowing traditional Americans the exercise of due process rights, and they’ll use due process-free extrajudicial authorities such as assessments to accomplish this.

Traditional Americans should consider the consequences of what is coming. If an FBI agent approaches your employer and claims you are a potential violent extremist, how do you think your employer will react? Do you think you will still have a job at the end of the week? What about your neighbors? If an FBI agent makes the rounds in your neighborhood and inquiries about your alleged extremist proclivities, do you think your neighbors will still invite you over for the 4th of July BBQ? 

What happens when the FBI recruits your neighbors or your children’s teachers as informants? What happens when they park an obvious surveillance element outside your house 24/7 for everyone, including you, to see? How can you defend yourself from what is effectively a whisper campaign, the sole purpose of which is to destroy your life and make an example of you for other Americans to see? 

It is up to us to use our wisdom and patriotism to correct the course of our nation and reassert our station as the defenders of liberty and the bearers of our constitutional republic.’