Deleting a database under subpoena is illegal.

The vendor who made the machines had access.

The vendor also claims Maricopa County had access.

Since there is no way to say the database wasn’t deleted (it was), now it becomes a game of passing the blame.

Who do you think

—CodeMonkeyZ, TELEGRAM


Please give us the password.

Maricopa County:

We never had the password.


Actually we gave Maricopa County the password a few months ago.

n a high-stakes game of hot potato, the vendor is now claiming that Maricopa County Supervisors DO HAVE THE PASSWORD.

Maricopa county supervisors are taking the strategy of “We hired a professional vendor to hold the elections in good faith, we didn’t even have the passwords to the machines”.

The vendor strategy so far is to claim the auditors have no experience and to stonewall any data or information requests.