The early reports on this photo didn’t make clear which was which; I assumed (correctly it turns out) that the missiles on the right are the Hamas rockets, and the unusual swirl pattern of the launches on the left are the Iron Dome interceptors. I have no technical expertise in the domain of missile defense, but the spatial pattern of the Iron Dome is probably explained as the complex targeting acquisition function of the system. It seems not too much of a stretch to see this as 21st century rocket technology meeting 20th century rocket technology. I read that Iron Dome succeeds in intercepting up to 90 percent of the missiles Hamas launches.

Here’s another picture equally stunning:


I had no sooner loaded the RED ALERT app on my phone to sound when a rocket attack is launched against Israel that it went off, sounding an alarm I hope we never hear in OUR homeland.

Rockets attacked Israel in  Mefalsim, Erez, Gavim, Sapir College, Havat Shikmim, Dorot, Sderot, Ibim, and Nir Am. Pray for God’s children.

Meanwhile… Praying Medic posted this from the Israel Defense Force:

IDF: *IDF strikes nine additional residences belonging to high ranking commanders in the Hamas terror organization that were used as terror infrastructure*

Over the last few hours, IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck nine residences belonging to Hamas terror organization high ranking commanders in the Gaza Strip. 

The residences that were struck were used as terror infrastructure. Some of the residences were used to store weapons. 

Among the Hamas terror organization commander’s residences that were struck: the residence of the Beit Hanoun battalion commander, the residence of the Beit Hanoun company commander, the residence of a company commander in the Sabara battalion in the city of Gaza and the residence of a company commander in the Shati battalion.

In addition, the IDF struck military infrastructure used for command and control in the house of a Hamas terror organization operative responsible for military intelligence in Shejaiya. 

At this time, the IDF continues to strike terror targets in the Gaza Strip.

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