More from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) at TELEGRAM:

“Technically, Karen Fann could have the Sergeant-at-arms arrest the Board of Supervisors for non-compliance with a legislative subpoena. While that might make some people feel good, it’s an ineffective approach to prosecution.
Fann explained two weeks ago that her role is to gather information. If evidence of fraud (or other criminal activity) is found, she will turn the evidence over to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and let him investigate and prosecute as the law requires.

I have zero fears about the AZ Senate making criminal referrals to the Attorney General’s office. You don’t invest this amount of time, money, effort, and put your professional reputation at stake to uncover evidence of public corruption only to turn a blind eye and do nothing about it. The Senate is committed to their course of action. To pull back and pretend there was no crime after all the public attention they’ve drawn to this issue would be political suicide.


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