This indicates Russian Intelligence believes a cease fire *will not* happen tomorrow. Russian Intelligence is *very* good at collection & is active in the area- if they are telling Russian citizens to leave, they have information that hostile actions are imminent, or they believe hostile actions are.👇

JUST IN – Putin orders plan for evacuation of Russians from #Gaza.

But Brian Cates (who writes for UNCOVERDC) thinks it’s hinky…

1. Israel always pauses military operations during Shabbat

2. Putin isn’t  evacuating all the Russians from Gaza because it’s  all over.

You’re being asked to believe Putin zipped his lip for a week while Gaza had Hell rained down on it, but as soon as it was ending he suddenly ordered all his people out.

Israel was always going to pause military operations at sundown on Friday. Its called SHABBAT.  Watch. The attacks from Hamas will continue over the weekend.  I predict by Monday morning Israel is pounding Gaza again.

Even after these same Israeli leaders used military deception about a fake ground invasion to lure Hamas into the Metro so they could be bunker busted, you’re taking everything at face value.

Hamas lies about ceasefires before they inevitably break ceasefires. Nothing new here.

Hamas leader, Osama Hamdan: “We obtained guarantees regarding lifting the hand of the occupation from Sheikh Jarrah and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Israeli officials via Kan News: This claim is false, the agreement is unconditional, with no concessions or commitments at all.