A friend sent this with a note expressing her dismay at the schism occurring in the United Methodist Church (UMC).

“At the FL annual conf of the UMC this June, they will debate and pass this resolution. It is hard for me to believe this is the UMC—I’ve trying to duck tape my head as I type!


Whereas the “QAnon Movement” has gripped many Americans in recent years and

likely some members and leadership within the congregations of local churches of the

Florida Annual Conference, and

Whereas the “QAnon Movement” has wrought catastrophic results up to and including

the insurrection riot on our Nation’s Capitol Building on Epiphany, Jan. 6, 2021, leading

to lives lost and countless injuries, and

Whereas the whole of our nation’s legislative delegations in both houses of Congress,

as well as the Vice-President, were in grave danger, and

Whereas the QAnon Movement’s tenets and philosophy are based upon a raft of lies,

conspiracy theories, and false prophecies which have all been debunked,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist

Church (FLUMC) denounce the QAnon Movement as anti-Christian, and against the

values inherent in the United Methodist Social Principles found within our Book of

Discipline, and

Be it further resolved that the FLUMC encourage our clergy preach to and teach their

congregations about the dangers of the QAnon Movement’s teachings, which have no

place in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church or in our Nation, and

Be it further resolved that the FLUMC encourage all lay leaders of our congregations

likewise give guidance to church members who may have come under the QAnon

Movement’s influence, assisting them in Christian Love, and by God’s Grace guiding

them back to a fuller life away from the QAnon Movement.

Submitted by

Revs. Drew and Sandra Parsons

Retired Clergy, East Central District

Endorsed by

Rev. John Powers,

Retired Clergy, Gulf Central District


Moments after reading her message, I found this post on TELEGRAM by CJ Truth. It couldn’t have come to me at a better time — God’s time?

This goes out to every Anon that has been on this journey for 30+ years or just started today. 

We are a movement that the Establishment is utterly afraid of.  We are too big to be contained. They want us divided but TOGETHER we are UNSTOPPABLE! 

It has been a difficult journey but we are seeing WINS every day. 

I want to reach out to those who feel alone in this journey right now.  You are not alone and you are the MAJORITY!  If you feel like you are alone in this journey, reach out to someone you know who has the same values and beliefs and is on the same “truth journey” you are on.  This will help you get through this when you are having difficult days or feel alone.