Brian Cates at TELEGRAM writes:

WHAT DID I TELL YOU? People waiting for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to do this in a TOP DOWN fashion from  DC will wait… [checks card]  oh that’s right….FOREVER. The states must take the lead.  Red states. States with guts. States that care about citizen’s rights.

In case you haven’t noticed, red states are throwing up a FIREWALL between themselves and DC.  On Big Tech. On the gender insanity and the woke madness. On the rioting by BLM/Antifa.  Biden and Democrats only have TWO WAYS TO GO: the carrot or the stick.  Use enticements of federal grants & tax money to get states to reverse course [that will only work in blue states] or using the federal courts to try to reverse the state laws.

Guess what? If the federal courts are forced at last to deal with Big Tech censorship claims because the Biden administration sues states like FL for passing laws like this one, they can’t duck the issue and they have to go on the record. Which is why many courts will turn down hearing these cases.  Meaning the laws will stay in force in the states.

Now let me tell you what’s going to happen next: Democrats and Blue state AG’s are going to immediately file lawsuits to try to get this new FL law blocked and then reversed.

We should welcome this going into a courtroom so state and federal courts that have DUCKED THIS ISSUE LIKE COWARDS for going on five years now will be forced to address it.

So go ahead, Harris-Biden administration…I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU…go right ahead and sue DeSantis and FL over this.