Geez… I could have written this. My sentiments exactly.

Kevin McCarthy Gets Destroyed When He Attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene

Kevin McCarthy is about as popular as Liz Cheney right now…he needs to go, too. When will these establishment Republicans learn that they either fight fire with fire, or they need to go? 

We’re sick and tired of the Paul Ryan “that’s not who we are” BS, while the Dems literally mow us all over with their communist agenda.

I just saw a new poll today, that shows that 53% of Republicans believe Biden won by fraud. That’s more than half of the entire Republican Party, and yet, the GOP has said NOTHING about it. They ignore our pleas and act as if it never happened.

But people like Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting for us – she’s one of only a handful of Republicans that are out there fighting like hell for us and isn’t afraid to say that the 2020 election was a sham. And how does she get repaid for that?

She’s stripped of all her committee roles, thanks to old Facebook posts that mean nothing, while people like Ilhan Omar, who hates America, and Erick Swalwell, who had an affair with a Chinese spy, are exalted “party leaders.”

But that’s what the Republicans do – they wait for the moment that they can virtue signal and “show off” how morally superior they are. This is the loser “Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan” “high road” garbage.

That weak, self-absorbed “holier than thou” attitude is what’s landed us in this mess we’re in. And the so-called Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is back at it.

He’s now attacking and scolding Marjorie Taylor Greene for no reason. He was gaslit by exaggerated fake news. Here’s what happened:

Greene was making a point about how COVID vaccinations are creating two classes of people. We’ve got the vaccinated folks on one side and the non-vaccinated folks on the other side. And the non-vaccinated are treated like pariahs.

It’s further dividing this country and creating more hate and anger and it doesn’t help that our government is pressuring people to take this non-FDA approved shot – and they’re also discussing vaccine passports and other crazy-ass things.

It’s like, if you don’t want to take a non-FDA-approved shot for a virus with a 99.8 survival rate, you’re a plague on society.

Huh? It’s crazy.

So, because of all that, MTG compared what our government is currently doing with these vaccines to the pre-Nazi era where German-Jewish people were treated as second-class citizens.

And this is what McCarthy calls “anti-semitism” and disrespecting the Holocaust. What? No. Neither of those things are true.

And let me remind you that Dems, media, and all of Hollywood have compared Trump and his supporters to Hitler and called us Nazis for 5 years now, yet, Kevin has said absolutely nothing about it.

What Marjorie said was NOT an attack against Jewish people, and contrary to what the fake news and Dems say, it was not a comparison to the Holocaust.

But the media does what it does, and they went after her – and right on cue, weak, cowardly, useless McCarthy falls in line with his “Paul Ryan” attitude, and sends out this stupid tweet.

“Marjorie is wrong, and her intentional decision to compare the horrors of the Holocaust with wearing masks is appalling. Let me be clear: the House Republican Conference condemns this language. My full statement:”

And man oh man were people livid at this tweet. 

Here are some of the replies to Kevin McCarthy:

“Must’ve missed your statement when all 90,000,000 Trump supporters were called Nazis for 4+ years. She’s got more balls than the rest of the useless Republicans combined.”

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is correct comparing Forced Masking to Nazi Atrocities. The Nazis used medical BS…like liberals have done with Covid…to punish and ostracize people Rep Greene is on the correct side of history. You need to resign”

“Typical weak Republican apologist. This is why we lose.”

“Do you enjoy your role as captain of the Washington Generals?”

“You’re worthless.”

“Oh for God’s sake, shut up you utter loser.”

“Did you tweet this from your rented room at the @FrankLuntz Day Camp for future GOP lobbyists?”

“Kevin McCarthy is going to find out real fast that we support Marjorie, not HIM” 

“You’re a joke, bro.”

“You need to go. you’re worse than Liz Cheney.”  

“If we take back the House and this guy is the leader, it’ll be pointless. He needs to go” 

“When is Kevin McCarthy going to condemn Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib for their antisemitism and siding with terrorists?”

“Kevin, go after Pelosi and the Democrats. Stop hitting the Republicans. Are you working for the Left or for the right? You’re never focused on the right things!”

“LOL Sorry Kevin You are not the leader of the GOP. They are more likely to kick you out than to discipline Marjorie.” 

This is the core problem with the GOP. They don’t know how to fight. All they want to do is sit around and pretend to be “moral and principled.”

And while they do this, the Dems literally steamroll all of us. This has to change and we need to get fighters in Congress, or we’ll all be sitting on the “high road” while the communists ruin our lives.