Stepped out to head to the local supermarket where I learned from the cashier that there were several people protesting at a nearby major intersection against kids being vaxxed with the Covid-19 jab.

The protest took place earlier today according to the supermarket employee who witnessed them on her way to work. She said many were carrying signs that repeated the message “Kids are not lab rats – No to Cover-19 Vax.” that is also being flown above Florida’s beaches.

Obviously this is a coordinated campaign to raise awareness among those willing to offer up their children to take an as-yet untested “vaccine” that affects one’s DNA and God only knows what else.

With Florida’s weather predicted to be sunny and warm throughout the weekend, our beaches are filled with sunbathers taking advantage of the long weekend. A captive audience for the messaging that appears to have been well planned.

I’m trying to track it down and if you are aware of this campaign effort, I’d love to know more about it. Heck, I might join the parade and carry a sign and a flag too.