Your turn America to get hit with the SARS-MERS-SARS-COVID Clade. You reap what DARPA sows.

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, May 30th, 2021]

Are we sure Edward McDaniel, the murdered black Army doctor, didn’t know about SARS and MERS being used in Iraq. Are we sure he didn’t know about NanoFerretin?

…I’m telling you what, this Black doctor now we see him involved, potentially, in Iraq in these low-intensity warfare operations which I call, which I call the sort of CLADE, C-l-a-d-e. (NOTE: Clade is a grouping of organisms made on the basis of their presumed evolutionary history, rather than purely on shared features. Clades consist of a common ancestor and all its descendants.)

Which is the SARS, MERS, SARS-2, CLADE. And this was tested in Iraq, tested in Afghanistan, tested in Arab Spring. For twenty years now, this thing has been tested as a bioweapon: vaccinate your own guys, antidote your own guys, hit the low-intensity warfare operations.

Read a guy named Kitson. David Petreaus’s hero. K-i-t-s-o-n. We said five years ago, we said five years ago that was the plan.

Remember we talked about Arab Spring, Libya, Syria?

It turns out this doctor, this Black doctor, looks like he’s right in the middle of this counter-insurgency CLADE. So he knows all about the CLADE. He know all about SARS, MERS, MERS-2, excuse me, SARS-2, and then he dies? Right before it’s time to go to court?

Interesting. Interesting. He dies right before it’s time to go to court.

So the chickens have come home to roost to America. We’re now getting hit with this CLADE.

Event 201?

Event 201 was just a dinner bell. Just a dinner bell saying, ‘hey, it’s your turn America. We’ve experimented overseas with this stuff for twenty years. Now low-intensity operations against the people of the United States of America.’ 

David Petreaus is the RAND Corporation’s big hero. Read the RAND Corporation Report on counter-insurgency and Kitson. (Linked below)

The Rand Corporation

Counterinsurgency A Symposium, April 16–20, 1962