The same thing happened to me when I walked into a FedEx store on Merritt Island in Florida last Saturday. I was intending to ship a birthday gift to my granddaughter when the masked employee, a young woman I guessed to be about 20 years of age or so, insisted I don a mask. In Florida. Where our governor has declared the mask mandate null and void.

She and I were the only ones in the FedEx facility. The place was empty except for us.

Good morning, I sang out.

“You have to wear a mask,” she said.

The young woman employee refused to serve me unless and until I put on a mask. I politely told her I don’t wear a mask. She kept insisting she wouldn’t serve me – a customer — unless I wore a mask. When I again repeated that I don’t wear a mask, and questioned why she should be concerned as she was already masked, she pointed to a purple circle on the carpet six feet away and told me I had to stand there, which was perfectly ridiculous. How could I take care of sending off the package, filling out the form, etc. from a “socially distant” six feet away, I asked. She continued to repeat that she couldn’t handle the transaction unless I put on a mask.

I won’t go into the ensuing back and forth, other than to say she refused to handle my shipment and slapped a piece of paper on the countertop indicating the address of another FedEx outlet in a nearby town.

This poor young woman appeared to be paranoid about “catching CoVid.” PARANOID.

I left the store and drove to the next FedEx facility, and as often happens, I thought of something I should have said to her: “I don’t want to get any closer to you than you do me. That mask you’re wearing is bacteria-laden and foul, and I have no desire to be within breathing distance of your filthy face rag.”


So off I drove to the next FedEx store where I was treated with courtesy by the employee who though she was masked as ordered by the FedEx policy, had no problem giving me the customer service I’ve come to expect from FedEx.

Let me repeat: this incident took place at the FedEx store on State Road 520 on Merritt Island , FL. — just so we’re clear. And I will never give that FedEx store my business again. Ever.

Here’s a video of another American who ran into a similar situation this past weekend, and my hat’s off to him for standing his ground and not backing down from defending his Constitutional rights. A brave man, and a patriot.