From Lin Wood:


I am forever grateful for your generous donations to #FightBack, your inspiring words of support, and most of ALL, for your prayers.

I know you know this to be true, but it bears repeating. I do not take one thin dime in fees or any compensation from #FightBack.

Donations go to individuals and entities whose needs are consistent with the #FightBack mission statement, attorneys’ fees and legal expenses to outside counsel who handle litigation consistent with the #Fightback mission statement, foundation expenses for security, travel when necessary, and administrative costs. All expenditures must be approved by the Board of Directors and payments approved by 2 members of the Board, excluding the CEO. 

#FightBack is soon to hire an Executive Director who will be paid a salary of $27,500. 

The people at #FightBack are not fighting for money. We are fighting for We The People.

#FightBack has just filed its first tax return and undergone and passed its first independent audit with flying colors. 

You can help by shopping at the #FightBack store. 

Later tonight or in the morning, #FightBack will be adding new t-shirt and cap designs to the store. We call it our “Summer of Freedom Collection”

ALL items are MADE IN THE USA!!!

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