There is so much news breaking now that it is virtually impossible to keep up. I try. But even I have to step away to catch my breath. And when I return I spend double-time trying to get caught up. There’s no way – an impossibility – to tell you all that I’m reading and learning. My keyboard would combust. And I need to have a life outside of this. My biggest challenge is finding the balance necessary for a healthy mind and body.

So… for those who are impudently stomping their feet like three-year-olds, impatiently drumming their fingers, and complaining like spoiled brat teenagers, DEMANDING that things needs to be resolved NOW, NOW!!! I have this to say to you:

You are NOT paying attention to what is literally BURSTING all over. The dam holding back the largest reservoir or filth and crime has sprung massive leaks – spewing information faster and faster, until those responsible for CoVid, the election fraud — the deliberate destruction of our country — are watching a tsunami heading at them in which they’ll be engulfed. Fauci, Obama, Biden, et al are going down. They are witnessing their demise as I write this.

Q told us on several occasions: “PANIC IN DC”

That is exactly what we’re seeing. Domestic and foreign enemies in our nation are frantically and desperately trying to cover their asses. But there are too many of us uncovering their sins every hour of every day in a “tsunami” of revelations. Do you think this is going away? Do you think decades of decadence and deadly sins are going to be quickly cleaned up like a spill on the floor because YOU think it should? You’re being foolish if you do.

Impatience is not a virtue. Neither is ignorance.

Pay attention. It IS happening. Spend some time on TELEGRAM (app) and see for yourself the flood of information pouring forth. Snap out of your self-imposed unrealistic expectations.

We are seeing a breathtakingly HUGE waterfall of information rushing over a Hoover-like dam that the guilty and culpable are desperately trying to shore up.

The more you know, the more you’ll understand that when you wail “What’s taking so long?!!!” you’ll realize how abjectly ignorant you sound to the rest of us who DO understand that things are happening so fast, it’s impossible to stay on top of it. This is huge. And we will spend the better part of our lifetimes witnessing these criminals and traitors be tried and convicted in Nuremberg-type trials. This is HUGE. Knowing this, your expectation that something needs to happen NOW is unrealistic and juvenile.

So hitch up your big boy pants and quitcherbitching. DO something constructive with your time. And grow up. Your foot stomping railing is tiresome, especially when we need all hands on deck. Instead of demanding results NOW, pitch in and help us by first paying attention to what IS going down.

And if you can’t or won’t do that, then PIPE DOWN and watch the rest of us do what needs to be done to save ourselves.

Got it?


/end rant