Stephen K. Bannon excoriated Dr. Fauci and said he will be held responsible for his “crime against humanity.”

“Fauci and Collins, I dare them to show us any text, any email, any personal conversation…where you told anybody on the task force what you knew was going on in Wuhan under your nickel,” Bannon said on War Room, Thursday. “You are responsible, and you’re going to be held accountable.”

Bannon said Fauci and Francis Collins at the National Institute of Health are not just responsible for funding the the man-enhanced CCP virus, but also for covering it up for over a year.

“Now they’re squirming around, it’s not going to work,” Bannon said. “You’re responsible.”

“This is a crime against humanity, you did nothing, in fact you tried to cover it up,” Bannon added. “You are going to get nailed as you should.”

Bannon also dared Jeff Zucker to put Dr. Fauci back on CNN prime time. But first they’ll need to check with their lawyers.