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The Harris-Biden Administration is not growing stronger.  It’s growing weaker. They have no popular support and 2/3rds of the states are throwing up firewalls to shield themselves from Biden’s agenda for the country.  What’s Biden gonna do? Sue them all in court? He’d have started already.

Biden can sit up there in DC and write all the EO’s he wants. Governors like DeSantis, Noem, Abbott and many others will simply ignore him and run their states how they see fit.  Abbott just declared a state of emergency on the TX border & is going to devote plenty of state and local resources to enforcing that border.  All Biden can do is whine about it.

Everybody has been expecting some massive federal crackdown on the states that are openly rebelling against the Biden Woke agenda.  Where is it?  He’s been in power for over 4 months now.  DeSantis is the most vocal, but plenty of governors have made it clear they reject the federal agenda for their states.  And thus far, Biden hasn’t sent in the feds to crack down or take over.  Why not?

Yes, Biden can tell federal agencies we’re not going to enforce this or do that.  He can’t tell state and local agencies anything. At best he can threaten to withhold MONEY from the states. And I don’t think any of these governors like DeSantis or Noem are going to roll over for a nice bribe from DC.

To all the people saying “Well they’ll just gin up a NEW PANDEMIC to keep everybody home for the next election!”:  how they did that THE LAST TIME is now being completely exposed. YOU’RE WATCHING IT UNFOLD BEFORE YOUR EYES. Who’d be DUMB enough to fall for “Hey, new virus – you have to stay locked down for another year!” at this point?

You only get to pull THAT frakking trick ONCE.

Too late.

By Radiopatriot

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