About time they caught up…

According to Brian Cates, Thomas Wictor had a theory that he began talking about right after the election theft in which he speculated that Space Force or some other agency running a tightly compartmentalized operation recorded the data streams coming from and to the election machines in the US counties and caught the hacking in real time. This is exactly what the mysterious ‘white hat hackers’ are claiming in Mike Lindell’s new lawsuit and accompanying video, “Absolutely 9-0”.

“Yes, by mid-November Wictor had already begun posting on QV and making videos on Youtube about how **somebody had recorded the election theft in real time.  His theory is that Trump always had the real vote count and he lured his enemies into a trap that will utterly destroy them when it is sprung .” https://social.quodverum.com/@ThomasWic/105664694504126582


OK. Many of us have known this for months.  Sidney Powell is reported to have been in the SCIF with the President, both of them observing the vote-switching in real time.

If I remember correctly, Gen. Flynn was there too along with military IT who were monitoring the internet traffic.

So this is not news to many of us who, despite Cates’ avowed distaste for the Q information warfare platform and his attempts to ban anyone mentioning Q on his social media platforms, we understood what Q was telling us, and why. We’ve known because Q told us in so many words, “We have it all. We have the servers.”

It’s interesting to see how the rabid Q deniers have come around to the same points of conclusion that Q told us during the four years beginning Nov. 2017. But like their counterparts in the liberal media whom they mock and deride, these Q deniers will never admit their research has brought them to the conclusions, the same nexus or point of information many of us were at months and years ago. We just got there before they did. Or did Wictor read the same Q drops we did, and is now pretending he’s come up with this brilliant ‘aha!’ moment?

It’s very tempting to tell folks like Cates et al to keep stuffing themselves with doughnuts. But that wouldn’t be nice, would it…? Better to tell them to stuff their egos.

Just saying…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Yes. They can ALL stuff it. I don’t need to say with what and where, do I?

  2. I still love this picture with the super big eyes! I remember feeling that same way when I read all of this the first time! LOL

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