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Good morning kids. Monday and first up is Joe Manchin’s coming out yesterday and declaring his opposition to both nuking the filibuster and this H.R. 1 “For the People” Act that would effectively let Democrats rig our elections forever. At best, Joe Manchin’s ethics are situational. Remember that SOTU speech a few years back when he rose to applaud Trump, then quickly sat down on his hands after catching a death-stare from Pelosi or Schumer or some other Commie toilet attendant. Way to be strong and independent, Joe. I get it that he’s a Democrat from a red state, which in and of itself makes no sense at all especially with the changes to our culture and politics over the past 10-20 years. But something else is afoot that I don’t quite understand. And that goes for the senator from Kinky Boots, Kyrsten Sinema, who seems to be of the same mindset as Manchin. 

Meh, maybe it’s just kabuki-bukkake theater; they’ll take a principled stand while Pee Air Defecto [Romney] and the Alaskan Snow Blower [Murkowski] do the cross-the-aisle reach-around and take their place to pass the bills. Still, attempting to throw a pretty big monkey wrench into the dreams and schemes of the Kalorama Klown Konsortium could put a figurative target (and even a literal one, all things considered) on Manchin’s and Sinema’s heads courtesy of the Maoists now seizing control of the party. Then again, AZ and WV are not as far-left perhaps as NY and CA. It’s why Cuck Schemer Schumer nodded along with Titty Caca AOC as she declared fewer prisons would decrease crime. As one commenter noted late Friday morning, by that logic, we should build fewer hospitals and maybe kill off all the doctors in order to cure all disease. Winning. 

Anyway, there are a couple of other things that jumped out at me as I was wading through the sewage yesterday and this morning. While the Democrat Propaganda Complex attempts to both protect the image of Dr. Sigmoid Fraud, aka Anthony Fauci and thereby protect whatever credibility it has with the low-information crowd, and at the same time let him exit the scene quietly, the implications of the Chinese Coronavirus and its origins specifically from that Wuhan biological research lab are looming dangerously large.

Forget “the FBI, CIA, and other federal agencies are swarming with Chinese spies” as “the biggest national security failure in U.S. history.” That distinction belongs to the individual currently and fraudulently occupying the Oval Office, Joe Biden. You can throw in for sure Clinton and probably Obama. The Bushies giving the Mongoloids most favored nation trading status and a seat at the WTO surely did not help matters either. It is now readily apparent to those who have removed the face diaper from their eyes that not only did this virus originate in China, as was known on day 1, but that it did not occur naturally in some medieval wet market trading in pangolins, lemurs, dogs and Lord knows what else, but was intentionally manufactured in a biological research laboratory in Wuhan. And the nature of that laboratory was and is weapons research. 

Given all of that, the big question is was this virus accidentally released or was it released on purpose? And if the latter, why? By the fall of 2019 when news of a pandemic in China started making the news, President-in-Exile Trump despite all the slings and arrows of obstruction and sabotage thrown at him had achieved the greatest economic boom in American history, had put a serious dent in the Chi-Com economy vis a vis ending suicidal trade and tariff regimes and was effectively confronting them on their imperialist designs on the South China Seas and elsewhere. Meanwhile, Hong Kong and other provinces less well-covered in the media were seriously defying Peking, and the Chinese economy itself had serious problems. Meanwhile the Democrat Party, the PRC’s political soul-mates, was parading around an anti-American freak show of 20 candidates vying to see who would draw the short straw to get his/her/xer ass kicked in a landslide by Trump, who looked unstoppable especially after the New Year’s present of taking out Iran’s #1 terrorist mastermind. And then, as if by magic…

In purely biological terms, the virus itself is marginally more deadly than common flu especially in people most vulnerable to viral infections of the lungs. But, there were and are numerous therapeutic treatments available to alleviate symptoms obviating the need for a vaccine. Yet it was the fear of this that was weaponized by the Left, here and abroad, to grind to a halt the great reversal that Globalism had suffered because of Trump and those who believe in national sovereignty and independence elsewhere. 

Cui bono? If this was deliberate, it was an act of war. The problem here, as this article illustrates is that those who are supposed to be in charge of our defense have acted and are acting in league with the aggressor nation that perpetrated this attack. You can go off on all sorts of tangents from here most notably the fate of Taiwan as well as the ramping up of repression of political opposition here at home. This is why Fauci has got to have his reputation preserved while at the same time having him depart the scene as quickly and quietly as possible, if possible. “I’m not saying it’s aliens, but” don’t be surprised to see more stories about alien encounters or, more likely, yet another shooting of an innocent black youth at the hands of white supremacist cops. Even better, another staged Reichstag Fire to distract the masses. Oh look: Trump has dementia because Tom Friedman claims he wore his pants backwards!!!

And that brings me to something I had wanted to not let slip by. Yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the D-Day landings, the start of “the great crusade” to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny. And yet…

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