With Trump Gone, Liberals Now Scrambling Like Rats to Put Their “Crime Surge” Genie Back in the Bottle – Revolver

Democrats are desperate to put their violent crime genie back in the bottle to save their own political skin.

It turns out, stopping crime once it has been unleashed is tougher than it looks.

For cynical and malicious political reasons, America’s corrupt ruling class launched the worst crime surge in American history. Now, their own incompetence means they are incapable of stopping the monster they have created. 

In this way, the Crime Explosion of 2020 is much like the Mask Mania of 2020. Both were created by elites for short-term political goals, both were sustained by lies and delusions, and now the impact of both will persist long after their original purpose has expired.

Throughout 2020, the Globalist American Empire pushed a double-barreled political strategy: Blame Trump for anarchy and chaos in the country, while also denying that this anarchy existed.