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Brian Cates – Political Columnist, Jun 4, 2021:

What about chain of custody issues? If the person who recorded the data packets never comes forward, it’s coming from some anonymous person/s, how is that admissible in court?



What if it was the Military IT experts, chain of custody will always be the military (good ones).

Anon McGee:

My guess is they would come forward in court or the way the program works is well established as an evidence collection device.

tyler ficarra:

I agree but you can’t say who it came from yet or they might get Hilary clinton’d

Ben M Johnson:

for this data to have been gathered legally it would have to be MIL (only way??) but so far the people he’s had talking about the data are NOT MIL or presented as MIL which smells a bit

Larry Lunchmeat:

If you watch all of Lindells video he discusses this very and yes he has people who will come forward

Sandy LaCelle:

He has said in earlier interviews that these people will all be identified and will testify in court

Thomas Paine:

Maybe this is akin to a military dropping leaflets before they launch a MOAB.


If it is our own government that recorded it, then its better than admisible.

Two Right Chix:

It is military. No one else gathered info In real time. Trust Trump

Larry Lunchmeat:

THe Professors Record today also covers where the info came from it is called SCORECARD

Terri Neely:

Will be revealed in court. You don’t show all your cards up front. The IT guy said you can’t back fabricate the packets. If you don’t capture jn real time it’s lost. You heard of Sting Operation?????

Dixie Shank:

That has been my thoughts since he released the evidence in his first video. My guess is that ML is protecting ident until hearing.

Lady Bitty:

Chain of custody kind of loses its importance if there is zero possibility of it being surreptitiously altered. Or if it’s been the military all along. If it can’t be changed, it wouldn’t matter who had it. And I’d guess the recorder WILL testify—once protection is guaranteed (military or not).

Matt Jesuele:

We know how desperate the enemy is, it makes zero sense to reveal the identity of these people before their day in court

Matt Jesuele:

It’s uncomfortable having to trust somebody so much in the meantime, but what else can you do?

Denzel Adams:

Doubt it will go through the courts. They’re too compromised


Intel community……

Danny Gillaspy:

Never show the complete hand before you go ALL IN…. never give them All the info ….

Heather P:

The people that did it are staying anonymous for now, but they have said that they would testify in court.  He has talked about this on previous absolute series!


They can show the chain of custody but keep it sealed as it is classified

G Zero:

If he revealed the sources prematurely the DS would just start smearing them with fake stories. At least this way they’ll have to wait until it comes out in court to start their smear campaign

Barb Harris:

Are you totally against Mike Lindell?

Pam Smith:

With all due respect, Mike L is not a stupid man. Don’t let Jenna’s demeanor rub off on you. Have faith in this step. It will serve a purpose, if only exposure to doubters. At least it’s a step in the right direction and in good faith.

Maddie Mae:

Isn’t this something?

Christina Leander:

…do you really think Mike would risk everything if this wasn’t thought through and planned out? He said it would all come out in court.. perhaps you missed that.


The election was recorded in real time go watch 9- 0 on Frank speech


He previously said his hackers will testify in court. But until then they want to remain anonymous.

Jeremy Russell:


Greg sasser:

Over a month ago Mike stated that they would stay hidden identity until the court proceedings begin. Brian I think Mykel and Dale probably got this a little more covert thing you don’t sweat it you can’t be an expert at everything

Greg sasser:

Isn’t it interesting that all of a sudden Brian bitch slaps Lin wood and now acts like Mike Lindel is a fool.


Watch Absolute Proof for your answer.

Colleen @engineerColleen:

I agree and raised this same question. Is it standard practice to capture  internet data to/from different countries during an election? And if so, who initiated the start capture command and subsequently saved off the files. Or is this something that occurs everyday and if so, why? Seems like an intrusion to privacy, without a warrant to do so.. there would have to be extenuating circumstances or probable cause for it to be admissible in court. Unless it’s an everyday occurrence. Much like finding a murder weapon in a case when someone illegally entered someone’s home… inadmissible despite, Clear cut evidence. It’s a catch 22 troublesome circumstance.


MIL has it all. I honestly believe the swing states were recorded as well so they could see how they cheated in person 🤷‍♀️


Brian doesn’t believe or follow Q which puts him at a disadvantage with info


Chain of custody issues weren’t z problem for the Steele dossier

Queen Isabel:

Lots of unforeseen issues.

Lou Lemskamp:

The “Professors record”, just talked about this tonight.  It was very interesting.

Truth BeBold:

He is suing them and civil court not criminal court

HoneyBadger Neanderthal:

Note that the Maricopa County Board of Elections did not provide the chain of custody. That their defense lawyers are demanding.

Carolina Jessica:

This is military intelligence. It will be revealed to judge privately.

Tela Park:

Don’t worry.  I think the people who supplied Lindell with the information have thought this through very carefully.  They won’t be sidetracked that easily.


Still the packets are not changeable.  Who recorded the transactions is moot, the data exists and cannot be faked nor altered.

Michele Norris:

I’ve listened to several interviews with him. It is my understanding that they are keeping this witness secret until he has to testify in court. At that point, he will come forward.

Queen Isabel:

Whether or not it’s proven in the courts, it’s going to come out to ALL of the American ppl, I believe. I think we’re already about 70% there. That’s why the liars of the media need to come spy on TG.

Queen Isabel:

I like it!!

Keith Crew:

Space Force did it.

ejm jensen:

Pcaps cannot be faked or retroactively created. They are both real-time network traffic captures and encrypted.

Denise Oliver:

The issue around chain of custody is changing or manipulating the source documents. The data used in Lindell’s lawsuit is concrete & can’t be changed. It’s irrefutable. It’s already been verified & is authentic data. I don’t see that chain of custody applies here.

Denise Oliver:

Exactly! Chain of custody only applies to data or records that could be lost or changed.

Heather B:

He said they will come forward where there is a court case

Linda Painter:

I believe they will come forward.  Right now is too soon.

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  1. I am sure they will come forward, Mike is not going to all this without having proof. Military also has proof. Mike is being led by the Holy Spirit on this, my belief

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