“The most alarming thing that Baudet has brought up is that far too many people willingly knuckled under and blindly obeyed every idiotic edict from the DC bureaucracy and all the tyrannical governors and mayors across the country. 

This is also why Fauci is both being defended to the hilt as well as being shunted off stage as quickly as possible. If people start realizing that they’ve been scared shitless for no reason into surrendering their freedom and ruining their lives, they are far less likely to fall for this crap again. At least in theory. It would be ironic indeed the next time the Chi-Coms accidentally on purpose do unleash a legitimate Andromeda Strain on us, perhaps as a cover for when they invade Taiwan, and we treat whatever the government says as the boy who cried Governor Wolf.”

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By Radiopatriot

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