Can someone explain why Medical Offices (the Dermatology Practice staff and their patients in particular) must still be required to wear a mask and have their temperature taken, while employees and shoppers at Home Depot for at least the past two weeks are no longer required to be masked?

I had an appointment with my dermatologist for an annual exam – a visual look-see to determine if I had any “Florida sunshine” spots that needed attention. (Luckily, I don’t.)

Told I was required to wear a mask, and immediately accosted (no exaggeration) by an office staffer who pointed the thermometer gun at my head before I swiped her hand away and made her check my wrist instead, I asked why the practice was still adhering to now debunked science, I was told it was the Physician’s Practice Policy. I replied that the doctor should — of all people — know better. Worlessly, I was handed a mask.

I’m in Florida. No mandate. We are not required to wear masks anywhere but medical offices, where those professionals should know better.

After the exam, I headed to Home Depot, where floor employees were maskless. Imagine that.

I say HOORAY for Home Depot’s Corporate policy to remove the hijab and shame on medical practices (with the exception of hospitals) for still strictly adhering to guidelines that have been proven to be ineffective?

The logic is lost on me.