The next 30-60 days is going to be really special for our Republic. Can everyone else feel the massive positive change in the works?? – Bobby Piton, TELEGRAM

So much news breaking exposing corruption, whether it’s Fauci, CCP hacking, deleted tweets, more audits coming, etc. 

This was a great week.  “We the People” got to play offense. 

Rest up tonight because things are not going to slow down.

Share every credible story you find far and wide.  Seek audiences outside the normal echo chamber.  

If appropriate, fire off an email to your employer about Fauci-Gate, and ask why they are still talking about mandating vaccines.

Show up to a local political meeting and share what you’ve learned about election fraud, and run/volunteer for a position.

If your church is still led by a bunch of squishes on Covid-19, challenge them (in love).  

If you have a godless commie running for reelection, and is giving a public speech, travel to said speech, and boo like you’ve never booed before.

For the sake of the truth, our country, family, and children, make every person that needs to be awakened as uncomfortable as possible.

Rinse, repeat, until we have our country back.

–The Professor’s Record, TELEGRAM


If it isn’t clear to you by now:

The plan ALWAYS included the complete and utter exposure of our rigged election system so that this never happens again.

Long term solutions are manifesting as we speak.

You can’t simply tell the have have show them. 

That’s exactly what we are experiencing now. 

The plan is 117 percent still on track and there is no reason to be worried.

Focus less on timelines/dates and more on the enormity of what’s happening:

They’ll never be able to easily rig another election again once this is finished. 

This is just another chapter in the systematic destruction of the old guard.  

By bringing every voting scheme into the light and fixing every loophole [their] power is diminished. 

So much of the justice that we’ve all been longing for will come but in the meantime this piece of the plan should not be undervalued in it’s significance.

A major aspect of the plan is about empowering the people to act and protect their county.  Many of us are average everyday citizens who want to be left alone, mind our own business and live in freedom.

But this not how those who are trying to destroy this country and corrupt future generations play the game. 

Trump and White hats take care of macro problems, they do what many of us could never accomplish but they can’t fight alone. 

The 2021 precipice has activated many of us to fight back within our local governments.  We the people have the power was never just a catch phrase. 

Empowering the people was ALWAYS part of the plan.

2021 has been, by far, the most difficult time to be an anon.  It seemed like justice was a certainty yet suddenly the rug was pulled out from us. Many people had lost hope, their soul was crushed.

I knew what God had shown me…that justice was coming. Therefore, I exerted all of my faith to help strengthen and encourageme my frens during this time. This has certainly been the biggest leap of faith I have collectively taken with a group of people. 

Clarity is now coming back to us.  This time of darkness is slowly ending.  We can begin to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Verifiable action is being taken and Trump’s 17d chess plan has become so much easier to understand.

In the end, we’ll all be so much better for having walked through this chapter with our heads held high.


–PepeLivesMatter, TELEGRAM


Flag making a national tour! 🤣