Damn this is stupid.


Like Biden is gonna be tough on Putin

Time Mag actually thinks putting sunglasses on this octogenarian suffering from cognitive issues implies he’s going to successfully ‘take on Putin’.  Putin is going to dominate Biden the same way he dominated Obama.  Can’t find it now, but at this meeting Putin sat Obama in a chair that hiked his pants up almost to his mid-calves.  And there’s a picture of Putin pointedly looking down at how ridiculous Obama looked while Obama sheepishly gazes at the camera.

This is the picture I remembered.  Obama trying to pull his pants legs down while Putin stares down at it.

Knowing Obama had long legs, Putin gave him a very short chair to sit in and his pants hiked up to his mid-calf area.  As the photographers snapped away, Obama tugged at his pants cuffs trying to get them pulled down.  Mean while Putin just sat there and stared, amused.

So…I can’t wait to see what Putin does to Commie Joe.