It’s REAL.


Be honest…

Before 2020 (MOST OF) you didn’t know a thing about the CDC, the WHO or the NIH.

You knew virtually nothing about Anthony Fauci.

You most likely didn’t know who George Soros was.

You didn’t care about extremist groups like ANTIFA.

You weren’t aware of how mentally ill the younger generations had become.

You weren’t aware of the racist and bigoted garbage they are being taught in school each day.

You weren’t aware that social media apps like TikTok are brainwashing tools.

You weren’t aware of how often the MSM blatantly lies to our faces to push a fabricated or false narrative.

You weren’t aware that Globalists, Satanists, the Muslim Brotherhood and Zionists were attempting to infiltrate and destroy our country from within.

You weren’t aware of the “Great Reset” plans the Globalists had for us.

You probably thought Bill Gates was weird, but not a serial killer.

You took your freedoms for granted.

You knew very little about the constitution or your own rights.

You took the flu shot every year without even thinking, because you trusted Big Pharma would never harm you for profit.

You trusted scientists to tell you the truth, instead of researching everything yourself.

You let yourself become complacent and oblivious to the important things happening around the country.

You knew virtually nothing about election integrity, or that our votes have been stolen from us for decades.

You most likely knew very little about the connections between half of our government and congress with the Chinese Comminist Party.

You most likely weren’t aware that the two party system is actually one party working together from both sides to keep you believing in the illusion of choice.

You probably thought Joe Biden was just a silly old man.

You probably weren’t aware of how horrible Nancy Pelosi is.

The list goes on and on folks.

Not everybody is guilty of what I listed, but most are.

I’ve talked about this many times, but we had DECADES of brainwashing to reverse and it had to happen fast and effectively.

Think of how far we’ve come.
Think of how much we’ve learned.
Think of how much humanity has grown collectively.

God is smiling.

We are making Him proud.

His children are fighting against evil for a brighter future.

What a time to be alive.

God Bless every single one of you.

Relentless Truth @Lebronsonroids / GAB