It’s about to get spicy, friends.

–Pepe Lives Matter


People who are panicking:

Fauci, Gates, Adam Schiff, Eric Fartswell, Biden’s entire justice department, everyone who committed voter fraud, Katie Hobbs, Rachel Maddow, all CNN anchors, the cruise ship of vaccinated sheep who tested positive for covid, Biden’s sign language translator, and MOAR.




We are witnessing what happens when the people feel and experience how close we were to losing our country and our freedoms.  

Everyday people are fighting back with a fervor like we’ve never seen before. 

The precipice is activating people’s will to change. 

Q knew.  This is all part of the plan.


This just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh…!


Everybody gets a forensic audit. 😂


Freight train of audits continuing.  🐸💥


Jim Jordan asks:

Here are some of the replies:

Worthless, fraud, tramp, dude, evil, liar, useless, whore, demonic, tranny, traitor, viper, murderer, phony, idiot, bogus, gone, opportunist, unqualified, witch, embarrassing, snake, disgusting, nasty, soulless, putana, floozy, incompetent.


Remember the shredded ballots discovered in a dumpster in AZ? 

Who wants to bet those were the 200K reallllllllllly fraudulent ballots; possibly xeroxed copies like we heard in GA, or printed in China and flown into AZ in the middle of the night… (Stew Peters had a whistleblower stating this). Whatever those shredded ballots were, they were so bad, they’d rather shred them (and possibly burn – recall the fire at a barn of one of the County Supervisors around that same time) than have them scrutinized by a forensic audit. 

Shred the evidence of fraud, collusion and treason, rather then allow it to be exposed. 

So when the announcement comes out that they are missing nearly a quarter million ballots, remember those shredded ballots and a dumpster diving Patriot to expose that something is rotten in Maricopa county… 

Imagine being the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors; your routers show remote access from foreign countries, you adjudicated over 230,000 ballots, your chain of custody documents are a joke, you deleted a database to cover up all of the discrepancies, and you know that you likely certified a fraudulent election.

So you fight the court ordered subpoena from your State’s Senate for 5-months, then you make it as difficult as possible for the auditors, you hit the television circuit to discredit them, you start a social media campaign to discredit them, and you deny, deny, deny. 

Now you ask Garland to step in to save you. 

That is desperation. 

That is panic. 






MonkeyWerx Sitrep Update 06.11.2021

– Increased GITMO activity

– B52 heavy activity

– Looking Glass Callsign Hanging around the dc area

– Seven Active Volcanos spewing ash along central and South America 

– One slightly east of Greenland has a wide span heavily affecting air traffic

– GITMO has had more out of sequence, out of tempo, aircraft in the last 30 days than in the past year.

– No courts in session for this month at GITMO— He suggests whatever is happening is probably classified

– Fort Lauderdale Airport— google map images of an aircraft wiped

– Wiped aircrafts— Perfect opportunity for Ops