Trump Statement about DOJ involvement in election audits to be released.



General McInerney:

Eric Swalwell’s phone was subpoenaed by Trump Administration. Of course he’s a spy…we have it all.

Joe Biden will be removed from the oval office by any means necessary.

Did Obama transfer power peacefully or did he create a Shadow Government?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Proving Swalwell, DOJ, CIA, FBI guilty of Treason – very important Constitutional step to invalidate the government. Is this the automatic beginning of the end ? Being prepared for many daily difficulties this fall/winter has been on my mind quite a bit. What does “being prepared” mean? I had to make a list as my mind was all over the place with So Many Distractions. Safeguard $ – how do we really know our banks/credit unions are safe? I once thought my credit union was non-political entity. Not True!

    1. A 30-day supply of food and water. Cash on hand. Any and all grocery items you’d normally use in a month’s time. Power source/generator/candles/flashlights. Just like you would prepare for any disaster. In Florida, we have a “go” kit already assembled.

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