Plausible deniability used to be a valuable strategy in national security operations. You had a task that needed doing, but if the bad guys [i.e., Democrats and the news media] got wind of it, you could deny knowing any specifics because you’d ordered the team not to tell you what they were doing.

Of course, Democrats and Swamp creatures took plausible deniability and abused it so badly, people think the strategy itself is a sign something unbelievably rotten must have happened if somebody created a team that was ordered not to inform higher ups of their activities.

If you were creating a team of counterintelligence agents about to embark on leak hunts that you knew were going to end up very likely targeting some of THE most powerful members of the U.S. Congress & others inside the federal government, and you didn’t want any blowback from what they did landing on you, guess what you would do?

So it’s very possible that Sessions, Barr and Rosenstein are NOT lying when they say they have no direct knowledge of any subpoenas granted or grand juries seated.

They ordered the people handling this not to tell them anything.

Listen: “Here, you guys handle this and make sure YOU DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING about what you are doing!” happens all the time in counterintelligence and sensitive investigations. If you didn’t know that well then hey: now you do.

They’re asking Barr, Rosenstein and Sessions the wrong questions. It’s not “Did you know there were people filing these subpoenas to spy on members of Congress & seize their phone records?” That’s the wrong question. The right question is:  “Did you start up a counterintelligence team that you instructed not to keep you updated on what it was doing?”

Counter intelligence work dealing with national security is tightly compartmentalized.  And this leak hunting team was created in 2017 to deal with some very tricky national security classification crimes.  Knowledge about what it was doing was on a strict need-to-know basis since the people involved in the commission of the leaking crimes were wired into the national security apparatus.  They sit on Congressional intelligence oversight committees in the House and the Senate.  And higher ups creating these kind of teams really do say “Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.”  It’s not just a movie gimmick created by Hollywood.

In case you’re wondering why Schiff and Swalwell and all these other leakers of classified material felt bulletproof, I just told you. They were wired into the national security apparatus. HOW could anybody be targeting them and spying on them and they never caught wind of it?  Of course they’d know about it.  It never occurred to them somebody smarter than them figured out a way to target them, spy on them, seize their records and keep them completely in the dark about it.  At the same time he was running the Mueller investigation parallel to the Durham investigation. And Durham is now investigating how Mueller did his work. Isn’t that special?

“I’ve got a secret.”  [smirk]

“Wait I’m being whaaaaaaat by whooooooooo??!”


So be of good cheer, little flock.  The best is yet to come.

BTW back in 2017 Thomas Wictor and I were kicking around a theory on Twitter where we wondered if the Muller Special Counsel was being set up and watched and spied on by….somebody who’s name we didn’t yet know.  🙂

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